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Squadease has direct access to a wealth of Military experience, all of which is available to your project or production. Many of our Technical Advisors have been in the UK forces within the last 10 years, so have relevant and first hand experience of Kosovo, Iraq &  Afghanistan. However, we also have available Royal Navy, Royal Marine, Royal Air Force & Territorial Army Advisors, as well as experts in specific fields such as Bomb Disposal, Helicopter Pilot and Military Police. Please contact Barry or Paul to discuss your specific needs.

Script Reading & Analysis Consultants

Squadease Artiste in UK Desert Uniform, against background of "squad" fighting vehicles

Squadease personnel will read your script looking for uniform (costume) inconsistencies or anomalies; to identify potential problem areas for on-set safety and to make judgements on the appropriate weapons for the action. We can advise on characterisations, enabling your production to present the required level of "realism"

Costume Consultants

Getting the costume right for your characters is time consuming, requiring extensive research. Our personnel have all served in HM Forces and bring with them a wealth of knowledge about the details that can make the difference, especially in close-up. Whether your production is set in modern or historical times, Squadease Costume Consultants can help your project

Tactical Choreographers

Military people move in a certain way, it is apparent when they walk and it is apparent when they are given a weapon. Getting your cast to move and behave as members of the Military can enhance the on-screen experience for the viewer. Squadease has the expertise to train & advise your cast members & to create the choreography needed for action sequences

Military Advisors

Squadease can supply the following Military Service Advisors to provide scene, costume or script accuracy

  • Infantry (Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan) - 1 advisor
  • Territorial Army - 2 advisors
  • Parachute Regiment - 2  advisors
  • Royal Air Force - 3 advisors (including Aircraft Armourers)
  • Royal Navy - 2 advisors
  • Royal Marine Commando - 1 advisor
  • Royal Marines - 1 advisor
  • Royal Military Police - 1 advisor
  • Adjutant General Corp - 1 advisor
  • Royal Navy Police - 1 advisor
  • Army Bomb Disposal - 1 advisor

Squadease Technical Advisors & Artiste Training

Squadease has direct access to a wealth of Military experience and extensive lists of personnel with the following skills, all of whom can assist your project or production in many ways, from basic Military training of cast members, scene & set dressing (costume & props) through to ensuring a leading actor walks, talks & behaves "right".

  • Weapons Handling (Marksman) - 20 skilled persons
  • Weapons Marksman & Sniper - 2 skilled persons
  • Sky Diving - 2 skilled persons
  • Scuba Diving - 5 skilled persons
  • Aircraft Pilot - 2 skilled persons
  • Helicopter Pilot - 1 skilled person
  • Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) Warfare - 2 skilled persons
  • Military Drill/Sword Drill/Parade experience - 4 skilled persons
  • Battlefield Casualty Drills/Combat First Aid & Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC) - 2 skilled persons
  • Battlefield Casualty Drills/Combat First Aid - 2 skilled persons
  • Counter-Insurgency Tactics - 2 skilled persons
  • Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Training - 1 skilled person
  • Patrol Tactics - 5 skilled persons
  • Operations in Built Up Areas (OBUA) - 5 skilled persons
  • Riot Training/Public Order - 5 skilled persons
  • Military Signals & Communications - 2 skilled persons
  • Air Traffic Control - 1 skilled person
  • Jungle Warfare Instructor - 1 skilled person
  • Survival Expert/Instructor - 1 skilled person
  • Open Water Diver - 1 skilled person
  • Military Kayaking - 1 skilled person
  • Combat Swimming - 1 skilled person
  • Sea Survival training - 1 skilled person
  • Military Fitness/Physical Training - 3 skilled persons
  • Driving up to 7.5 tonnes - 9 skilled persons
  • IED & Bomb Disposal

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Squadease, the military division of Polease will be happy to provide a competitive quote for all your Army, Navy, Air Force, or other forces filming requirements.

Contact Barry or Paul today and allow us to help meet your projects needs.